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Tree Trimming Services|Tree PruningTree pruning or tree trimming services mean much more than just making your trees visually appealing. Dead branches, leaning trees, and over or undergrowth on one side can be dangerous.

Falling limbs can be hazardous if they strike a power line, a vehicle, a pet, or even a person. Creating a beautiful landscape is important, but safety always comes first. Thinning your trees can also make them healthier.

Michigan weather can be brutal. Heavy winds in summer and ice and snow in winter can weaken even the mightiest trees. On top of that, it’s not unusual for damage to go unnoticed until it is too late.

Every homeowner knows that it is important to visually inspect their property after a storm, including their landscaping. It’s almost certain that if there are broken branches in your yard, there are more of them still caught up in the limbs. These present an additional hazard.

While it is common practice to prune while your trees are in dormancy for plant health and visual appearance, when there is a safety concern, it must be handled immediately. Simple trimming that can be done from the ground can usually be handles by the homeowner, but when if you have to leave the ground, it’s best to call a professional.¬†Unless you are properly trained and have the right equipment, never try to do it yourself.

Call Premier Tree Care for an expert appraisal of your landscape. We will make an honest assessment and never try to sell you something you don’t need or want.

Tree pruning and tree trimming is vital to the appearance and safety of your property.

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